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The Young Israel of Woodmere Jason Botnick Youth Department serves over 2,000 children with Shabbos, Sunday, and weekday programs, including: baseball teams, basketball teams, exciting trips, Shabbatonim, onegs, Junior Congregation, dance, arts and crafts, Rosh Chodesh parties, an outstanding high school, college, and post-college minyan, and much more.

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Special Needs Kids: If we can do anything to include you, give me a call! (Mr. S. 295-5687)

Pesach 2015

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  Great Adventure ~ Mon April 6th ~ 1st day Chol Hamoed

  Laser Bounce ~ Tue Apr 7th ~ 2nd day Chol Hamoed

  Bounce U ~ Wed Apr 8th ~ 3rd day Chol Hamoed

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