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Kashrut Supervision
How Do I Know It's Kosher?— Primer from the OU.
Star-K Kosher Supervision
List of Kashrut Symbols

Kosher Restaurants
Shamash Kosher Restaurant Database--The oldest and the biggest.— xThe oldest and the biggest.
Kosher Delight— Links to restaurants in every state.
International Kosher Listings— Search by type of restaurant and location.
Israeli Kosher Restaurants
New York area Kosher Restaurants— Database of about 200 restaurants.  You can see their menus too!

Kosher Recipes
Recipes from the newsgroup rec.food.cuisine.jewish
Recipes from the Jewish-Food Recipe Archives— Arranged by type of food.
American Asian Kashrus Services— Interesting Asian recipes and information about Jews in Asia from this kashrut supervision group.

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